Our Philosophy

At Junus Internasional Group, we prioritize stakeholder satisfaction and continuous business growth, aiding international firms in accessing Indonesia's market through comprehensive services, including market intelligence, importation licenses, warehousing and distribution, and growth planning consultancy.

Our Expertise

Junus Internasional Group excels in guiding foreign companies entering the Indonesian market, providing comprehensive services such as market assessment, strategic planning, and business development support. Our expertise ensures successful market entry and penetration for our clients.

Our Approach

Through our customized consulting services, we empower international firms by refining distribution channels, leveraging core competencies, and forging strategic alliances. This enables them to effectively implement mass-market retail strategies, ensuring long-term success and growth.

Junus Internasional is an Indonesian holding company headquartered in Jakarta, with subsidiaries operating exclusively within the services sector.

The company was established to streamline ownership control, supervise, and foster collaboration among its subsidiaries. This structure ensures that each company within the group can leverage the strengths and resources of the others, maximizing mutual benefits.

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