Our Philosophy

A business philosophy drives Junus Internasional Group that successes are achieved if the clients, the employees, and the company satisfied with the results and the financial profit come as second.

The company believe that business must continuously grow and open for partnership locally and internationally.

Therefore, our company gladly assist international companies in accelerating growth opportunities in Indonesia mass-market retail channels by providing market intelligence, importation licenses, warehousing, retail distribution, consulting in growth planning and management.

Our Expertise

Junus Internasional Group is committed to bridging the understanding gap and cultural differences faced by foreign companies seeking to establish themselves in Indonesia being as the fourth largest market in the world.

As a business development & market penetration consultant, we provide market assessment services, strategic planning guidance, business development, strategies and marketing assistance.

A business cannot survive without building a plan for market penetration that spells out revenue and earnings targets as well as the way to achieve them.

Our Approach

Junus Internasional Group provides comprehensive marketing & business strategy consulting services for foreign companies seeking to expand in the Indonesian market.

We assist in identifying and establishing the proper distribution channels, leveraging core competencies, and forming the best alliances to create a niche market for your products and services.

Our unique approach helps international companies effectively plan, prepare, import and execute mass-market retail channel strategies while providing the support necessary to achieve enduring success.

Junus Internasional is an Indonesian holding company based in Jakarta whose subsidiaries are all in the services-related business sector.

The company was formed with the sole purpose to simplify the control of ownership and supervision and also ensuring cooperation between all subsidiaries that one company can benefit from other company members.

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