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Ayub D. P. Junus

Ayub Junus is a distinguished figure with an impressive professional journey. He earned his Master of Science in International Shipping from Plymouth University, UK 1990. Starting his career at Hanseatic Shipping Co. Ltd. in Limassol, Cyprus, Mr. Junus has held esteemed positions, including Country Manager in Indonesia for Buyers Consolidators Ltd. (Sea-Land Logistics) of Hong Kong from 1990 to 1994. In 1993, he established his own holding company, PT. Junus International.

Notably, the Republic of Latvia appointed him as the Honorary Consul General in Jakarta in 2007, a position he still holds today. Recognized for his contributions, he received the Latvian Foreign Minister's Certificate of Merit in 2016 and the World Federation of Consuls Award of Merit in 2017. Additionally, in January 2024, he was honored with another Certificate of Recognition from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia to acknowledge his commitment to safeguarding the interests of Latvian nationals and the state.

Mr. Junus also serves as the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Representative for Indonesia, the Founder and Vice Chairman of the European-Asian Chamber of Commerce, and the North Sulawesi Province Tourism Promotion Board Chairman.

Outside his professional pursuits, Mr. Junus actively participates in religious activities as a Deacon of the Protestant Church in Western Indonesia (GPIB). He is the Chairman of the Diakonia Foundation of the Protestant Church in Western Indonesia (GPIB), appointed by the synodal assembly.

Currently pursuing his doctoral degree at the School of Strategic and Global Studies at the University of Indonesia, Mr. Junus exemplifies excellence across various fields. His commendable contributions to his profession, community, and organizations reflect his commitment to excellence.


Established in Jakarta in 1993, PT Junus International operates as a limited liability company under the latest amendment deed number 33 by Notary Arnasya Pattinama, dated October 26, 2018. Our Business Registration Number (NIB) is 9120302960722.

As the parent company of various subsidiaries owned by Ayub Junus, we facilitate streamlined supervision and cooperation among entities. Each subsidiary operates independently but benefits from collective management, fostering synergy and sustainability.

Our subsidiaries cover diverse sectors, including ship & port services, logistics & transportation, travel & tourism, VIP protection, trade & distribution, education & training consultancy, and information technology.

We believe in perpetual business growth and actively seek local and international partnerships. Through collaborations, we assist international firms in seizing growth opportunities in Indonesia's mass-market retail channels, providing essential support from market intelligence to growth planning and management consultancy.

Guided by the motto "Si Tou Timou Tumou Tou" (Minahasa language), translating to "Humans live to support each other," coined by Indonesia's National Hero, Dr. Sam Ratulangi, PT Junus International underscores the value of mutual support and collaboration.

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