Established in Aug 1996, our company is in marketing and distribution services. We are an agent of Pertamina (Indonesia state owned oil & gas company) to exclusively distribute propane gas (hydrocarbon) to domestic and international markets.

Trans Pacific

Atlantic Lines

Established in Apr 2008, our company provide broad range of freight, warehousing, courier, customs clearance, inland transport, ship's spare-parts and purchase order tracking services. We make the complexity of international trade easier for your business and ships.



Established in Feb 2012, our company provides crewing services for merchant ships, cruises and oil & gas industry. We have served various ship-owners, ship-managers and rig-operators hence makes us flexible and fast in our decision making  and crew employment process.

Member Company & Services

The scope of subsidiaries' business activities includes ship & port services, logistics & transportation services, travel & tourism services, VIP security protection services, trade & distribution, education & training consultants, and information technology.

Each subsidiary operates independently and professionally, but at the parent management level, cooperation and sustainability between subsidiaries are ensured where one company can benefit from other company member


Belvamas Maritim Indontama

Established in Aug 2002, our company is a fully integrated Indonesian maritime services company with proven track record of serving international ship-owners, ship-operators & ship-managers, charterer', P & I clubs and offshore marine contractors.

Saber Garda


Established in Oct 2018, our company provide our clients with unparalleled service. This service encompasses the highest standards in personal protection combined with the logistical support and personal care often neglected by other companies in the industry.

Eurasia Travel

Established in Jan 2014, our company is an integrated corporate maritime travel services serving international ship-owners, ship-operators & ship-managers, charterer' for its ship crew ticketing, LOI, visa arrangement and airport greeting & pick-up.

Jepara Tectona


Established in Sep 2016, our company provide IT & e-commerce consultancy, social media management & live streaming services to individuals and businesses.
A team of experienced professionals supports our company.

WPS Asia

Established in Feb 2013, our company part of a global port agency offices and provide the best possible solutions to ship owner & charterer' logistical and information problems before their vessel reaches its destination and during the vessel’s stay in port.